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We have helped numerous Australian manufacturing companies improve their processes
and achieve greater production efficiencies while maintaining regulatory compliance.
A&G Engineering
Improved process and collaboration

Cloud Specialists helped Australia’s leading designers and fabricators of stainless steel tanks and vessels implement a new Cloud-based system to optimise the production process and get the teams to work better together. Connect with a specialised technology consultant to find out more.

Increased efficiency and optimised IT costs

We have helped Australian owned, premium quality water based paint manufacturing company Ecolour setup a Cloud-based email and file sharing environment to increase efficiency and optimise IT costs. Connect with a specialised technology consultant to find out more.

Innovative technology solutions for Manufacturing

Improving processes while remaining agile enough to innovate on production
methods is key to any organisation operating in the Manufacturing industry.

At Cloud Specialists we are experts in integrating new emerging technologies with processes and assets to enable manufacturing companies to work smarter while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Remote machine monitoring and automated production line alerts (IoT)
Manufacturing process transformation consulting
Staff, suppliers, customers and contractors communication and collaboration technology
Cloud-based Manufacturing Resource Planning systems
Technology support for production line systems and applications
Business continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy
Connectivity and machine to machine (M2M)

Disruption case studies from the Manufacturing industry

A new automotive era powered by disruptive innovation
Reinventing processes through emerging technologies
Using ICT to become more flexible and more agile

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