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Cloud Specialists helped MAKE Architects in the setup of their Australian office with high speed Internet and connectivity equipment. Connect with a specialised technology consultant to find out more.

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We helped Catlepeake setup a Cloud based environment to better connect its staff, even when working remotely. Connect with a specialised technology consultant to find out more.

Tackle more projects, more efficiently

Construction & Architecture firms often require seamless interactions across dispersed teams.
At Cloud Specialists we have worked with many firms to enhance the way they collaborate,
enabling a better connected working experience and increased flexibility.

Our approach to transformation consulting can show you how to leverage technology to empower your Engineers, Project Managers, Architects, contractors and other third parties to work better together and deliver a first class client experience.

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Consolidation, specialisation and speed of change are some of the key changes affecting the Construction and Architecture industry.

Talk to our transformation consultants to find new ways to leverage technology to turn challenges into opportunities and unite your teams and processes into a simplified working environment.


End-to-end Cloud migration for Sydney-based Architecture and Construction firm.


One of the top architecture, interiors, landscape and constructions companies in Sydney, needed a way to connect its employees remotely while minimizing the cost of managing its own in-house infrastructure. In particular, managing files such as sites’ pictures and maps – considered a critical business function for the organization – was becoming a real challenge when working remotely. In addition, one of the primary reasons of concern for the organization was the security of the files stored on the physical server.


The Cloud Specialists’ team recommended a move to the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 to accomplish the objectives and give employees the tools they needed to deliver superior services to their customers.
The organization was subscribed to Office 365 – Midsized Business Plan comprehensive of Exchange Online (email service), SharePoint (file storage and sharing) and the online version of the Office Software.


The migration process to the Microsoft platform happened in the background with no downtime for the organization. The move to the new system happened in few days despite the slow Internet connection and a diverse environment of devices including of PCs and Macs. The organisation can now rely on a superior collaboration environment where each employee is connected, synchronised and updated with the rest of the team resulting in improved service level for customer and a problem-free IT.

“As we were planning to move our office to a new location we thought we’d take the opportunity to also move all our files to the ‘cloud’. The process took place over a few days and involved the migration of all of our files from a physical server and all of our stored emails, which was very important for our business. Once the migration was completed everything was explained clearly to us. Now that the system is all up and running we are very happy with the outcome. All of our files are accessible from anywhere there is internet access and our business is carrying on in the knowledge that our system is safe.”

Steve Monty
Director, Castlepeake Homes

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