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Discover the gaps and growth opportunities in your business
with Cloud Specialists' strategic IT Consulting services.

Our customers make better decisions because they can rely on a team of Sydney-based IT advisory experts with technical knowledge and business acumen.

Business Transformation

Projects and Solutions Advise

Cloud Consulting and Deployment

Process Improvement

Productivity and Collaboration

Ongoing Strategic Consulting

IT consulting that aligns to your business

We lead with strategic insights to help you overcome challenges and achieve your business goals through technology.

At Cloud Specialists we understand how businesses need more than a technology advisor. For this reason our consulting services are aimed at understanding what you are try to accomplish, fix or avoid as a business. We then align technology to help get where you want to be within the desired timeframe.

Understanding your business' goals

Our consultants are business experts and technology gurus. This is why we are different from many other IT consulting companies.

At Cloud Specialists we understand how not two businesses are the same. This is why we perform extensive research before recommending a solution. In addition to this, we research your industry and the key driving factors in the market to empower you with strategic insights.

Discover how to leverage technology to transform your
business and differentiate yourself from the competition

Cloud transformation

Find and implement the best Cloud
for your business. We’ll identify the most
suitable solutions for your actual needs.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Mobilise your workforce

Get your staff to work from anywhere on any device, even when out of the office. Mobilise your workforce to increase business productivity and performance.

Workforce Mobility Consulting

Transform your IT

Get top-notch advisory and managerial
services that will help you meet your
short or long-term IT objectives.

Business Technology Consulting

Secure your business

Reduce the need for multiple security products
and give your business a data security strategy
that includes your people, processes and technologies.

Data Security Consulting

Increase productivity

Uncover the areas of your business’ operations
that can truly benefit from a more streamlined
approach to information sharing.

Business Collaboration Consulting

Enable business continuity

We give you the right solution to ensure you
regain the sleep at night factor that business
data is safe and available at all times.

Business Continuity Consulting

Get strategic advise from specialised IT consultants today.
Our specialists are available for onsite (Sydney) or remote consultation.

Leverage technology to achieve your objectives

Whether it’s deploying a new business application, moving to the Cloud or securing your data, benchmarking comes first.

Part of our IT consulting process consists in providing benchmarks and ROI for your strategy. Before starting a new project we present you with a before-after comparison to show you how your business will look like once the proposed solution has been rolled out. This is a key aspect of our IT consulting services and serves as a proof of concept for the key stakeholders in your business.

Make IT the business enabler

We help align your IT budget to your business’ priorities in a way that makes IT the true business enabler for your organisation.

Want to find out how to disrupt the status quo and transform your business? Our consulting process helps you boost business productivity, skyrocket performance, reduce costs and increase security. Contact Cloud Specialists today to learn more.

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