Business WiFI Services

Leverage mobility to increase your organisation’s capabilities
and deliver additional value to your customers.

Managed WiFi services for Australian organisaitons

We bring you many years of experience in implementing mobility and collaboration solutions for our clients. Leverage our WiFi and network experts for tailored advise on how to enhance your workplace, provide a better level of customer experience and transform your organisations.


Discover opportunities to improve an existing WiFI network.


Get specialised WiFI network installation services.


Get full WiFi network management and reporting services.

Value-added services

Network Access Control

via Cisco Identity Services Engine

Location Tracking and Analytics

via Cisco Mobility Services Engine

Wireless Interference Mitigation

via Cisco CleanAir Access Point

Intrusion Prevension

via Cisco Mobility Services Engine

Online Management and Real Time Reporting

WiFi Management Services

to help your business minimize time and resources spent on setup / management and maximise the benefits

Looking to optimise your WiFi coverage?

Discover how Wireless heat-maps can help you optimise the performance of your onsite connectivity and set you apart from the competition. We can test and optimise your Wi-Fi signal strength for optimal coverage and performance.

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